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The key to cost-effective Internet Advertising is having a wide selection of keywords and ads that are highly relevant to each other and to the landing pages. Being relevant means that ads, keywords and landing pages are all closely related to the terms a prospect might be searching for.  

We have identified several opportunities to customize a PPC campaign, focused on generating more clicks to the website and more leads to the client:

  • Launch a comprehensive PPC ad campaign on SEARCH engines for over 3,000 industry terms, including upper and lower funnel terms, brand name(s) and competitors’ names.
  • Show elegant banner ads and engaging text ads across the Internet to increase the upper funnel and further reinforce the brand as prospects are surfing the Internet. Coordinate banner imagery with website and other print/direct mail ads.
  • Leverage ReMarketing to re-engage prior website users and/or offline prospects by designing a campaign of banner ads that re-target these prospects online. This is also a great way to introduce new promotions to already-interested audiences.
  • Optimize ads for mobile users with custom ad copy that enhances the SmartPhone user’s experience and reduces their number of clicks to interact with the client.
  • Analyze website data via Google Analytics as it pertains to website conversion rate and offer suggestions to modify the elements of the site where it may be possible to reduce CPC and/or improve the user experience and conversion potential. Recommendations are focused on improving the PPC campaign as well as natural traffic -- making it extremely easy for people to contact the client.

Short Term Expectations

Qualified prospects will begin accessing your website within minutes of launching your PPC campaign. You will receive periodic updates from iSearch Advertising and you may monitor the campaign at your discretion via Google Analytics as well as receive full call details, if phone tracking is enabled. 

We will establish a firm position in the marketplace among your competitors. Next, we will focus on the quality and relevancy of the ads to maintain the desired position for a lower cost per click.

You will receive trend reports that monitor your cost per click (CPC). After the account has stabilized, you will likely see a declining trend in CPC month-over-month. The SEM industry average is a 2% increase in cost per click each month. We have techniques to reverse this trend! 

Getting the process fine-tuned to maximize your investment takes approximately 60 to 120 days to normalize (leveling off CPC and CPL after competition stops reacting to the new market entrant) and then the campaign parameters are continually reviewed and evaluated on a weekly basis to maximize performance.

Long Term Expectations

Our recommended strategy is to maintain a sponsored search campaign parallel to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. We are not SEO experts, but we work together as a team to bring qualified prospects to the site and get them to interact with you via phone or email. Together, SEM and SEO can increase consideration for the client and maximize the client’s potential.

More than just bringing traffic to the website, iSearch Advertising will continuously monitor the quality of traffic coming to the website to ensure it has the potential to convert the prospective buyer into a customer. Each industry and organization is different, but we know that 3% of all site traffic (at a minimum) should convert into a lead. With re-targeting and display advertising, we continue to reach the other 97% who did not convert and work to capture them too.

iSearch Advertising keeps up-to-date and informed of best practices through continuing education via Google’s AdWords Partner certification as well as regional SEM conferences. If we see areas of improvement, we will tell you – in the best interest of the client, lowering our monthly CPL and increasing the potential of all visitors – direct, search or referral to convert into a lead.


Prior to starting a managed PPC campaign, we suggest the following criteria be met:

  • Determine Your Most Desired ‘Action’ on Website

Make that ‘action’ the focus of landing pages and accessible from the home page. iSearch Advertising will provide code for website to measure these actions.

  • Select Marketplace Categories for Advertisements

Review and select from a wide selection of keywords, terms and industry categories and provide insight as to which are highest and lowest priority to your business.

  • Establish Current Website Conversion Benchmarks (if applicable)
    • Average traffic
    • Average ‘actions’
    • Average new leads
    • Average phone calls
  • Provide Access to Analytics

  • Review and Approve Ads and Landing Page(s)

  • Submit Images/Messaging for Display Campaign

  • Launch Campaign!

  • Test Lead/Conversion Tracking
  • Track, Monitor, Tweak and Report
    • Schedule periodic reports via Analytics
    • Review 2-week report summary
    • Provide monthly reports and invoices