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20 years of ROI driven Internet Presence strategy, design and development. Based in Nebraska we serve business clients on small Midwestern budgets in 16 states. Founding members of the Pioneering UXtf.us we develop complete Internet website and Mobile solutions that bring your current and future customers into close proximity with you. That is always the mission, our goal and your bottom line.

The Process

When we feel that we understand your business, your market place and your expectations well enough to create a proposal; you will receive 2 things:

  1. An Editable Proposal Document that will allow us to polish, tweak and clarify our understanding of your needs and expectations
  2. A signable Internet Presence Agreement (IPA) that clarifies ownership of any and all Intellectual properties such as domain names, graphics, content and backlinks in the event of an end to the relationship.

Upon IPA signature faxed to 866-738-9866 (or scanned and emailed) and the good faith 10% proposal deposit the following will occur:

  1. The registration and provisioning of your “Parallel Domain” typically in a .US or .Mn (in Minnesota) domination that will be the site of the website development.
  2. The Creation of a Secure Live and Collaborative “Project Control Document” (PCD) that will detail the minimum expectations of the Project, and will include initialled and dated details of the progress against these expectations, and any course changes so all team members will have instant access to the current project situation and all links numbers and resources necessary to engage, manage and execute the project as defined. The PCD continues for the life of the relationship and provides a permanent critical reference.

Under no conditions would we disrupt your existing website, or telegraph planned changes to your competitors. The entire development will be cloaked and located on a not published domain name visible only to your team and ours. This will be the process until everyone agrees that we have reached “Substantial Completion” and the “Cutover” date and time is decided. Typically the “Cutover” will be a Friday at 5:01PM local - so that any issues that surface will have the weekend to propagate and debug. Monday at 8am you will have a new dominant presence on the Internet.

SEO - a Never Ending Process

We have always bundled a continuous effort to insure competitive visibility starting with a strategic, memorable and short website domain name. Party of the Job of the PCD is to establish a pool of CTR (Current Target of Relevancy) Organic Keywords. Combined with ongoing SEO Hygiene and backlink campaigns the pursuit of authority never finishes, even when supplemented with limited, controlled PPC campaigns to deliver speed as needed.

Small Website

For highly focused, highly limited budget projects - We introcuced in 2019 the SmallWebsite project, SmallWebsite.us

Th Small Website option like Nebraska is not for everyone - but it might be a good fit for you. Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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